Friday, September 11, 2009

Harvesting and Noni Workshop

Harvest time is upon us! I've gotten three rows of potatoes dug, made freezer slaw from one of the Dutch Flathead cabbages (this should be an excellent compliment to our "grown at home" pig) and the blackberries are wonderful this year. Two batches of blackberry freezer jam and two quarts of frozen berries which I plan to take with me when I visit mom. I'm sure she will make me a blackberry pie!
Tomatoes didn't do so well this year, but there are plenty of carrots to dig and winter squash to pick as soon as we get a (shhhh) light frost. Unfortunately Zeke (my 100 pound chocolate lab) ate most of the green beens out of the garden so I only put up two bags in the freezer. And he felt no remorse either!
Also, the wood is all stacked!!!!
AND this is the weekend of the NONI workshop in Mackinaw City. I've got three bags knitted and felted, packed away damp in plastic bags ready for day one....blocking and embellishing! I also found two beautiful brocades at JoAnn Fabrics to use for lining my Hydrangea Bag and my Felted Carpetbag. The other bag, Urban Adventure, I am going to leave unlined for a more organic shape. Should be a fun and very educational workshop!