Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Malabrigo Junkies May Put Me Over the Edge

Not that my knitting itinerary is not full enough, I went and joined the Malabrigo Junkies group on Ravelry. Then I proceeded to join three of the KAL's. There are plenty to choose from but I am trying to limit it to three!

New Rule: as long as you have the needles open for a new project, go ahead and cast on. Note to self.... buy more needles!

So, now I am in the Forest Canopy Shawl KAL, The Just Enough Ruffles KAL and the February Lady Sweater KAL. That is my yarn for the February Lady Sweater in the dyepot. It was Mal worsted merino in Jewel Blue, now it is Mal worsted merino in Jewel Blue overdyed with a mix of Fuschia and Violet! Much prettier (IMO) but now I have to wait for it to dry before I can cast on.
I am going to try to post more often, but I would rather knit. For now I will be sitting at the computer writing the pattern for a new cardigan that I designed. Is it going to be Telegraph Road or Morse Code?

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