Thursday, July 23, 2009

Two at a Time Socks

Here are my first ever "magic loop" socks, and two at a time! It is the Twilight pattern from the book 2-at-time socks by Melissa Morgan Oaks. While I enjoyed having "a pair" of socks at the end of the process, I had a little trouble manipulating the needles, the extra cable and two balls of yarn. I normally knit one sock at a time on two circular needles and during the magic loop process it seemed to me that I was spending a lot of time situating everything so that I could knit rather than actually knitting. However, these are not the first and last pair that I will ever do. I think with more practice I could knit them almost as fast as on two circs!
Hey, I finally got to finish a project! This weekend I'll be off to the Fiber Art Festival at Castle Farms in Charlevoix, Mi. It's sure to be lots of fibery fun!

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